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Salt Water Pool Conversion
and Maintenance

We supply and install salt chlorination systems. Convert your pool today!

We supply, repair and install saltwater chlorinator systems

We supply, repair and install leading brands of saltwater chlorinator systems in Johannesburg. Convert your pool today!

Investing in a high quality saltwater chlorinator is the best and most economic solution in managing your pool. Saltwater chlorinator technology replaces expensive synthetic chlorine and harmful pool chemicals by breaking salt down into chlorine. You will no longer need to worry about itchy eyes, dry skin or that strong chlorine odour. Saltwater chlorinators release a constant supply of natural occurring chlorine and balance your pool chemistry. When using a saltwater chlorinator the pool water will become softer, silky smooth as it controls mineral and calcium hardness in the water. This supply of natural chlorine sanitizes water to avoid germs, pathogens and algae build up.

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Saltwater pool technology is the future. Poolmaid saltwater chlorinators continuously supply your pool with chlorine, balances ph, alkalinity and water hardness. Standard Pool cleaning and maintenance apart from water chemistry will still need to be done on a weekly basis or more if necessary, however balancing the water is a thing of the past. Because the chlorinator produces chlorine consistently you do not have to worry about the rain neutralizing the chlorine and the pool going green during the rainy summer months.

Joburg pool Specialists install poolmaid chlorinators. Poolmaid is an Australian company that manufactures some of the highest quality chlorinators and ship them worldwide. All Poolmaid Salt Chlorinators come standard with a 12 Volt or 18 Volt low voltage safety transformer, which has been SABS, CE, UL and Australian Standards approved. Poolmaid chlorinators are even smarter and know when too much or too little salt is in the system. When the system identifies too little salt it goes into standby mode and notifies you that salt needs to be added. When the salt level is too high, poolmaid chlorinators adjust the level of chlorine produced to accompany the change. The transformer is not only a safety feature but ensures that minimum space is used and less heat generated. The power supply may also be serviced and removed more easily if the transformer is not integral to the unit.

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