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Pool Safety Net and Pool Cover
Installation and Repair

Keep your children and pets safe with a pool safety net or pool cover in Johannesburg

A swimming pool is a great outdoor investment. But besides being a place of enjoyment, pools can actually pose a safety threat to children and even pets. It is therefore every pool owner’s responsibility to make sure that the swimming pool is secured. For this reason, having pool safety nets and covers is a must. The nets and covers are designed to help prevent accidents from happening.

Pool saftey nets and covers we have installed

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Invest in the saftey of your children and pets

Installation of the pool safety nets and covers is a specialist job that normally takes technicians around five hours. The job requires the technician to drill holes with proper spacing to ensure your net and cover will look and function the best way possible. DIY is not encouraged because it is not an easy task unless the installers have very good handyman skills, the necessary tools as well as reasonable patience.

Your pool safety net will offer many years of trouble-free service so repairs are very rare. However, it is advisable to inspect the net and covers regularly to make sure they are in proper condition. And just in case they need some repairs, seeking professional repair service is advisable to ensure your pool nets and covers are in top notch conditions.

Pool safety net installation and repair

Pool safety nets are the most convenient safety options that can be used on your pool. Unlike other pool safety features, they can be easily installed on almost any swimming pool, ponds or water surface. Repairs are minimal and can be done on site by professional technicians. Because of their versatility and their ease of operation, there are benefits of having a pool safety installed. They include:

Pool cover installation and repair

While pool safety nets are great investment for any household with a swimming pool in the yard, pool covers are perfect for homes with pets and children. However, hiring the services of a professional contractor is important for your pool cover installations and repairs. With that said, here are some reasons why you might need a pool cover installed:

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