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Pool Pump Installation, Maintenance
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Quite often a pool pump replacement is not necessary and one only needs to replace or condition the pool motor and gaskets. however in many cases the cost of reconditioning will be more than a new pump replacement. The industry standard lifespan of a pool pump is 7 years. disregard and overlooking of proper pool upkeep will lead to pump inneficiency and shortening of the lifespan.

We are experts in pool pump installation and repair in Johannesburg. Just like an engine of a motor vehicle, a pool pump is an integral part of a swimming pool. It plays a vital role in maintaining clean and clear water in swimming pools. Without proper filtration, the pool water will eventually turn green. But by the pump constantly circulating the water, it is able to capture bits of debris and other gross things via the filter. This ensures the water in the pool is healthy for you and your loved ones to enjoy.

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Pool pump installation

Whether you just installed a new swimming pool or your existing pool pump is not properly working, having a new pool pump installed is important. The pool pump will ensure that the water is filtered out before it makes its way back into the pool. However, if you need a pool pump installed, you should not try doing it yourself. Working with electricity in very close proximity to water is quite dangerous, hence the job should be left to experts because they have the right tools and skills. Below are some advantages to working with a professional pump installer:

Pool pump repair

During the average lifespan of a pool pump, there will eventually be the need of a pool pump repair. However, in most cases it is more efficient to replace an old swimming pool pump with a new one instead of repairing it. If you suspect that the pool pump is having some problems, don’t hesitate to hire the services of a pool service company. With that said, here are some things to look out for to know if your pool pump really needs repair:

The lifespan of a pool pump

Causes of shortening of the lifespan of a pool pump inlude:

  1. Not emptying the pool pump basket. The purpose of the pump basket is to filter debris such as leaves and dirt in order to stop them from blocking the propellor and will result in lowered filter circulation and lead to algae. To keep this from happening the basket should be inspected and cleaned weekly or more during autumn.
  2. Over operation of the pump by leaving it on too long or not leaving it on long enough. Many in the hopes of saving on electricity end up spending more by not operating the pump for the recomended period of time. To maintain safe healthy water, your pool should be circulated atleast once daily. If water is not circulated properly through your pool filter, your pool may become dirty, cloudy and unsanitary. The need for costly chemicals will outweigh money spent on electricity. However, over operation of the pump by leaving it on for too long will wear the motor and cause it to burn out and cease making it necessary for reconditioning or replacing the pump.
  3. Neglecting to replace the rubber seal during the installation of a motor. The seal protects water from entering the motor. Your current rubber seal may appear fine. However, these wear out with age. If you replace a new motor without the rubber seal you may lose your manufacturers garuantee if a leak enters the motor.
  4. The right Pump size. There is the idea that the bigger pump and a greater workhorse the better your circulation will be. This leads to high electricity costs. The pump will cause inneficiency to the pool filter if not appropriately sized. Others may try save money by purchasing a lower workhorse pump that is inneficient for the pools necessary requirement. Add a Kreepy and the pump will be over taxed.
  5. Not priming your pool pump sufficiently by purging air and allowing it to run dry. A self priming pump does not prime itself during the primary startup. It simply means that it will reprime itself dependent to primary prime. Losing prime will lead to your pump sucking air and drying. Never allow the water level to drop beneath the skimmer. This will damage the rubber seal which keeps water from entering the pump motor due to the pump overheating and melting the seal.

Pool pump and motor services in Johannesburg

Looking for pool pump repairs and installation services in Johannesburg? We have all it takes to help you. Our team of experienced professionals have been expertly installing and repairing pool pumps throughout Johannesburg so quality is something we guarantee. Call us today on +27 (0) 67 054 8797 or email us at to schedule an appointment with our knowledgeable and courteous staff.