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Marbelite Pool Renovation and
Repair in Gauteng

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Marbelite pools has been a popular pool surface for over 4 decades now. The hard decorative material is made up of a mixture of white cement combined with marble chippings and marble dust reinforced with rapid hardeners and waterproof additives. Indeed, using this material on your surface can easily bring back your old frost damaged pool back to life especially with options like new marbelite lining and mosaic tile bands on offer.

One good thing with marbelite is that it is a high-strength polymer. If used properly, this can easily transform your ordinary plain concrete into an eye-catching and practical surface of slate, brick, paver, tile or natural stone look. A marbelite surface offers higher strength properties as compared to other conventional concrete surfaces. Moreover, it is more flexible and durable all thanks to the fact that it is sealed with high-grade acrylic sealers and high-grade polyurethane, which provide improved abrasion resistance and cleanability.

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Marbelite pool plastering

The main benefit to using marbelite pool plastering is that it offers an integrally reinforced surface with an incredibly smooth finish. And you can always reline your pool surface with a new layer of plaster. Best of all, you can always customize the pool to your liking because marbelite can be formed into any size or shape. The installation part of marbelite plastering can however be quite complex especially if you want to achieve a custom shape. But nonetheless, there are many benefits in that this surface lasts a lifetime and offers easy-to-maintain options. Compared to fibreglass, marbelite is less expensive per square feet. Thus you get premium quality but at a fraction of the price.

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Marbelite pool resurfacing

In case your pool requires a bit of improvement in order to keep your favourite part of the house looking as good as new, then it might be time to think of getting a pool resurfacing job done. If done with marbelite, you stand to gain a huge number of benefits ranging from:

So whether you are a commercial or residential facility in Johannesburg, this comes across as an affordable choice for keeping your pool looking awesome.

Marbelite pool repair

Perhaps your marbelite pool surface has cracked or it looks dull, stained or faded. Well, in that case you need a complete renovation or refurbishment. But in order for that to be done right, you need to have the pool shell substrate done impeccably. Moreover, the top has to be done skilfully complete with proper grinding off. Getting any part of the repair process wrong could cause weaknesses to your swimming pool and the newly applied layer of Marbelite could easily break up. Whichever way you look at it, getting any small bit of the repair process wrong could lead to serious issues, which would require a lot of time to rectify.

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