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Pool Filter System Installation,
Maintenance and Repair

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Pool filtration is a top priority in swimming pool maintenance. In order to keep your water sparkling clean all the times, you need to have this crucial part of the system properly installed, maintained and serviced. This is the only surest way to keep your dip functioning optimally for many more years to come. If your pool filtration system works as expected, your pool water will be algae-free and therefore safe for everyone including your kids.

Pool filter system installation

At the heart of your swimming pool’s circulation system is a filter that handles water from one or more suction ports (usually the skimmer and main drain), cleans it up and pushes it back through the return valve. Let’s face it, swimming pools are closely related to bath rooms – only that they are a lot bigger. When you take a shower at night and make all the water dirty, when you get out you can always pull the plug. On the contrary, you can’t pull the plug on your pool. So how do you make that pool healthy? By installing a pool filter. Besides hygienic reasons, having a fully functioning circulation system in place means you can keep the waters stirred and the pool chemically balanced throughout the day. Usually what happens when a filter is missing from the equation is that water on the top is heated by the sun effectively lifting up all the chemicals. This creates two distinctive layers and the overall swimming experience is ruined. So when do you need a pool filter system installed? Here’s a run-down of a number of factors to consider.

Pool filter system maintenance

Every day, your swimming pool filtration system handles gallons of water even while you are away. From making its own chlorine to using natural minerals to kill germs – a unit can easily get clogged up due to build up of debris. As such it is recommended to have an expert examine it every so often in order to identify flaws and nip them in the bud. The pool filter system maintenance process comprises:

Pool filter systems repair

Troubleshooting problems with your filter system gives you an opportunity to avoid bigger issues in the future. Common parts of pool filters that require frequent repairs and replacement include the motor, filter, filter media, piping, pressure gauge, vacuum gauge and pump discharge. Indeed, sometimes overhauling and re-charging a pool filter is all it takes to ensure best performance. Various scenarios when you might need your pool filter system repaired include:

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