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Swimming Pool Construction
and Installation

Concrete swimming pool construction and renovations company in Johannesburg and Pretoria

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We offer professional concrete pool construction in Gauteng

Joburg Pools also renovates and repair pools in Johannesburg north and Pretoria. Our team is made up of skilled technicians and individuals that have experience in onsite logistics and project management. Communication is of utmost importance and our team will listen to client demands with careful consideration to personal detail. We will involve, advise and assist you at every stage of building your new concrete pool. We take great pride in our work and provide only the highest quality workmanship at a competitive price, completing the work in a safe and timely manner.

A concrete swimming pool construction project should not only fulfill a functional purpose but, an aesthetic improvement to compliment your garden increasing the overall value of your home or property. For this purpose, whether you are looking for a traditional swimming pool or something with distinctive specifications and design we will be able to build it. We offer various options that can be added to customize your pool.

Pool construction from start to finsih

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Above: pools we have built

How we build your new pool

We work very with you every step of the way to bring your dream pool to life. Below you can see how we go about the process.

1. The constructive design: We will first excavate the area according to required structural shape and dimensions of the pool either by lightweight machinery or digging. Laying appropriate steel mesh will secure the shape and structure as well as allow for for flexibility and movement within its environment. Reinforcement bars are tightened, adding encompassing strength and keeping the structure from failure.

2. Swimming pool plumbing: Before concrete is hand packed, the plumbing circulating the pool water is installed. Most of this piping was laid before the steel stage, however some is upheld by the steel and installed after. At this stage an inspection of the excavated area, steel and plumbing is all necessary.

3. The concrete shell: Concrete with a strength of 40 slump 3MPa is hand packed and shaped using straight edges and trowels.

4. Tiles, copings and equipment: The copings will be installed next as well as the weir, final piping connected and electrical pool equipment installed which will include only trusted brands such as the saltwater chlorinator if desired, the DB board, pool filter, pump and lighting. We will then apply the mosaic tiles and surface the pool with marbelite or fiberglass finish.

Contact us on +27 (0) 67 054 8797 or email us at to schedule an onsite appointment. Our technicians are qualified, trained and able to provide advice and answer any questions you may have regarding the building your new pool.