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Pool Acid Wash Services
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Keeping your pool sparkling clean is easier said than done. Why? Because sometimes algae just take over due to stagnant water or poor winterizing. Enter acid washing, also known as drain and clean method, a popular method of getting rid of the “black lagoon”. This process is useful for stripping off a thin layer of plaster, effectively exposing a new layer of plaster from beneath. It is more of an extreme makeover for your pool surface, and therefore a careful application of it every few years wouldn’t hurt. Generally, acid washing removes 70 - to 80% of grime, bringing out a white finish with a dramatic aesthetic appeal.

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Pool acid wash service in Johannesburg

An acid wash is a popular alternative for cleaning stains on plaster pool surfaces. It can help you save on time and money especially when compared with the alternative of re-plastering. A typical acid wash involves use of acid which etches a thin layer of the plaster. Although this method is largely seen as intensive, it is by far the best option for dealing with tougher stains. That being said, an acid wash is not a permanent cure. The best results from this process are realized when the plaster is still in good shape. Usually, a typical acid wash service involves:

  1. Complete draining of your pool
  2. Removal of debris
  3. Application (spraying) of Muriatic Acid
  4. Brushing and rinsing with fresh water
  5. Acid neutralization in the pool bowl
  6. Pool refilling with fresh water
  7. Maintenance of ideal chemical balance in the pool

Drain and clean

Draining and cleaning a pool allows for complete removal of algae and any minerals that might build up on the pool surface. The pool surface is first cleaned using a pressure washer and if this is effective then the pool is refilled without using any chemicals. However, if the stains prove stubborn, that’s when acid washing comes in handy.

Pool acid wash alternatives

Acid Washing is recommended as a method of last resort. As you might be aware, acid is potentially dangerous and improper use of it can cause corrosion, which could harm your pool surface. Due to these risks, many consumers look for alternatives that are easier and safer to use. Quite a number of alternative methods can be used to polish up surfaces while reducing potential risks. These include:

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The best way to take full advantage of pool acid washing is by getting the job done by a competent professional. Talking about competency, we pride ourselves in being able to help you get to the root of stubborn stains, algae bloom and calcium deposits. If you are looking forward to making your pool beautiful again, don’t hesitate to talk to us on +27 (0) 67 054 8797 or email us at