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Koi Ponds - Installation, Maintainance
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Professional koi fish pond renovations and repair company

koi fish pond renovations and repair

We are a professional koi fish pond renovations and repair company situated in the Northern suburbs of Johannesburg. Our team is made up of skilled individuals with extensive experience and knowledge in koi ponds. Our Workmanship guarantee is reflected in one of the most comprehensive warranty programs in the industry

We pride ourselves in quality and attention to detail and guarantee our work. Call us on +27 (0) 67 054 8797 to speak to one of our experienced team members or email us at

Koi Pond Services

We are a full service company specializing in all aspects pertaining to koi fish ponds. We repair and renovate koi ponds as a whole ecology in mind. These include koi renovations, filter repairs, pump replacement and repairs, electrical water clarifiers, uv lights, oxygenation, climatizing of koi fish, protecting them by providing safety nets as well as koi pond leak detection and repairs.

Koi ponds are not pools they are a living breathing organism. For this reason a koi pond needs to be constructed, renovated, maintained and where necessary repaired in order to create the perfect ecology and or living environment that allows koi to be healthy, thrive and grow to their full potential.

Keeping your koi fish safe

If a koi pond is not build right it will not adhere to the laws of life that govern the health of koi fish. It will build up waste which converts into ammonia and eventually toxic nitrite. This in turn will harm your Koi immune system and create a vulnerability to bacteria, parasites and disease.

koi fish ponds require proper filtration as your fish produce waste products which needs to be removed from the water so that it does not contaminate or poison the fish’s living environment. Pond filters, uv lights and pumps may fail and need to be replaced. We are available to troubleshoot and replace any pond equipment. Another important factor when dealing with koi ponds is to ensure that proper filtration takes place is to install. Not installing a bottom drain will not allow even the best filter to do its job properly. To maintain proper water quality beneficial to koi you need to send waste into the filter. Koi produce a lot of waste and not sending the waste into the filter through a bottom drain will contaminate and poison the koi. Some companies suggest that a drain is not needed and that beneficial bacteria will grow among the rocks. This cannot be further from the truth when building a koi fish pond. The truth is that in nature you have a constant fresh supply of water washing the waste away which is not available in a koi fish pond. Another problem is that Leaves accumulating between the rocks produce tannins which will turn the colour of the water to a dirty brown.

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