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Fiberglass Pool Renovation and
Repair in Gauteng

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Fiberglass pool specialists in Gauteng

We are trained specialists in the renovation and repair of fiberglass lined concrete pools. Over the past 15 years we have build, relined and repaired numerous concrete pools in Johannesburg North and its surroundings. Whether a new concrete pool construction project lined with a fiberglass surface finish or the repairing of an old cracked or peeling fiberglass pool requiring a complete renovation, this is the work for trained fiberglass specialists. Our seal of quality is reflected in a 7 year workmanship guarantee of all newly fiberglass lined pools. We also provide onsite water storage solutions of up to 120 000 liters.

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Pools we have resurfaced in Gauteng

We have an extensive portfolio of work built up over many years on the job. A few pools we have resurfaced below

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Fiberglass swimming pools

The high tensile strength of fiberglass lining for swimming pools is a robust and pliable option. It is the material which profesionals advise and use if an old pool has suffered structural cracks. It’s pliable nature makes it capable of withstanding structural movement and expanding or contracting as a result of extreme temperature changes.

More often than not, fiberglass pools can be repaired and renovated without having to resurface the entire pool, giving you an added lifespan of many years. Most of our competitors do not specialize in the repair of fiberglass linings, they simply quote to resurface. Upon an onsite inspection we will discuss and advise on the different options available for the renovation of your swimming pool.

The process of resurfacing a pool with fiberglass

The pool will be drained using a submersive pump. If you have decided to use a water storage bladder the water will be pumped into the bladder, otherwise it will be drained and pumped out of the backwash pipe.

The old fiberglass will be stripped out and removed before doing an acid wash. We will then sand the surface of the pool using a grinder and sanding discs to smoothen and remove any surface material or dirty particulates. At this point a thorough inspection is done and will including repairs of cracks.

A straight groove will be cut under the coping tiles, around the lighting and return inlet before sealing with a clear resin bonding agent. We do this in order to tuck the fiberglass securely to the pool surface. We will then go on to prepare the surface with isophtalic resin and reline the pool with fiberglass which is sealed with a second layer of resin before sanding off the pool and applying mosaics sheets. The mosaics will be waterproofed using a clear coat resin. The pool itself will now be coated with another colour gel coat layer which contains constituents which are waterproof, offer protection against pool chemicals, resistance to stains and Ultraviolet rays.