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Pool Maintenance, Cleaning and Repairs
in Johannesburg

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We are a full service company offering all services pertaining to swimming pools. These include marbelite pools, fiberglass pools as well as pool renovation. Our swimming pool maintenance includes:

Gallery of our weekly pool maintenance services.

See our technicians at work on the weekly pool maintenance service. They are dedicated and hard at work. Get in touch with us on +27 (0) 67 054 8797 or email us at for a free, personalized quote. Our goal is to offer our clients the best pool maintenance programs in town. We are just a call away - get in touch with our helpful team today so we can take care of your needs.

Our weekly swimming pool maintenance includes:

Our weekly swimming pool maintanance upkeep will not only create a safer more enjoyable swimming environment, but also extend the longevity of your pool equipment by warding off erosion. This will save money on expensive repairs and Replacing costly equipment.

1. Testing and balancing of pool chemicals - all chemicals included

Whether you are using a chlorine or a salt sanitation system, your acidity alkalinity ratio (pH) needs to be checked and properly balanced.

2. Backwashing and rinse of the filter

Regular backwashing of your pool filter is usually an answer to pool filter complications. We ensure we backwash and rinse the pool filter.

3. Brushing off steps and walls and vacuuming pool surface

Leaves, algea build up can really ruin your pools appearance. We ensure your pool is cleaned and ready for a fun day of swimming.

4. Cleaning of skimmer bag, weir and baskets to remove all debris

This is an essential part of pool maintenance. We take care of all your pools internal workings.

5. Netting the pool surface

When we done we net or re cover the pool. Depending on cover this will either keep leaves out of the pool or ensure pool saftey.

6. Routine inspection of all pool equipment and notifying you of any problems

Unfortunatly nothing lasts forever. We will let you know if any parts need to be replaced or of any impending probelems.

The importance of regular pool maintenance

Whether you are using a chlorine or a salt sanitation system, your acidity alkalinity ratio (pH) needs to be checked and properly balanced. If not properly balanced these chemicals will not only have its affect by causing agitation and redness of eyes, skin and hair, but also have a great impact on your pools ability against resisting algae and other harmful micro organisms that can contaminate it.

Actively managing calcium levels at the ideal range is essential. Hard water that has high levels of calcium or Magnesium will accumulate and build up on pool surfaces and equipment. When water is too soft it is because there are too low a concentration of minerals and your water will become aggressive by eroding plaster in an attempt to maintain its calcium to hardness requirements. It is the job of a Service technician to ensure the right balance is maintained.

Use our services for fast and proffesional pool maintenance

We have structured swimming pool maintenance contracts. We use only high quality materials and experienced technicians. Our goal is to make each and every project we undertake as affordable as possible without sacrificing quality and Experience. This ensures that you are left to relax and enjoy swimming the way it was intended. With our tradesmen working on your pool, we effectively take the hassle out of your pool maintenance and repairs. We keep your swimming pool crystal clear and all set for use at anytime of the day.

During our routine visits, we make sure your pool is maintained with perfect balance of chemicals to last until our next visit. irrespective of the state your swimming pool is currently in, you can rest assured we will leave it ready, clean and safe for use.

Contact us today for proffesional pool maintenance services. Call us on +27 (0) 67 054 8797 or email us at